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The Amazing Benefits of Botox (Apart from Wrinkle Relaxing)

benefits from botox
Botox is most often thought of as a cosmetic treatment, used to relax fine wrinkles and so give a more youthful facial appearance. In truth, the benefits of Botox injections go far beyond getting rid of frown lines or crows feet for a few months. The more doctors and other practitioners understand about Botox, the more uses they seem to discover for it.

What is Botox and How does it Work?

Botox is the trade name for a treatment derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, one of the many bacteria that can cause food poisoning. People unfortunate enough eat food contaminated with the bacterium can become really quite unwell, with the most serious effect being paralysis. However, when extracted from the bacterium and prepared as a weakened dose for injection, botox botulinum toxin has the effect of causing controlled relaxation of the muscles into which it is injected. It’s this relaxation that causes fine lines to disappear.

Other Uses for Botox

There are several different uses for Botox, it’s efficacy in some areas is more proven than in others. Here are some of the more common applications.

Reducing excessive sweating

The medical name for excessive sweating is hyperhidrosis and it can make the life of sufferers a social misery. Mild cases can be treated with anti-perspiration medications, but in more severe instances, injections of Botox into the affected area can reduce sweating for several months at a time. It appears that Botox stops messages sent from nerves to sweat glands that signal them to start working. Botox injections are used to control excessive sweating in locations as diverse as underarms to the forehead.

Controlling acne

In this case, the botox is used to block the actions of sebaceous glands that are producing excess oil. This application of botulinum toxin needs to be administered by an experienced and skilled practitioner, as there’s a balance to be found between reducing the action of the sebaceous glands and retaining movement of the musculature of the face.

Treating migraine

There’s some lack of clarity about exactly how Botox reduces the severity of a migraine but no doubt that it does. Injections of Botox into the forehead, temples and scalp probably block pain messages for being sent to the brain and relax muscles in the head so that they’re less sensitive to pain in the first place. One problem associated with Botox for migraines is that neurologists giving the injections may not fully consider the effects on facial muscles, so patients can be left with side effects of ‘frozen’ foreheads and drooping brows. As with all Botox effects, this will resolve over time, but most people would prefer to avoid having it happen at all. Botox is generally only considered for a migraine when more conventional medications have proven to be ineffective.

Reducing the size of the prostate gland

Injections of Botox into the prostate gland reduces its size, improves urine flow and reduces both frequent urge to urinate and urinary tract infections. Just as importantly, Botox injections appear not to produce the side effects of incontinence or erectile dysfunction which can happen with some other medications used to treat enlargement of the prostate.

Different Uses for Botox in the Future

Research is ongoing so it’s unlikely that we’ve come to the end of the Botox story. One promising possibility that’s currently being explored is a treatment for arthritis. Early studies show both a decrease in pain and an improvement in function for patients with various kinds of arthritis and the benefits appear to last for anything from three to twelve months after injection.

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