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Beauty Therapy – Treatments & Prices

Beauty Treatment – Duration / Prices


Beauty Treatments
Current Treatments: Duration Cost
Hands & Feet
File & Polish 30 minutes £10
Manicure 1 hour £18
Pedicure 1 hour 10 minutes £22
Luxury Manicure
Includes exfoliating scrub and paraffin wax mask 1 hour 10 minutes £28
Luxury Pedicure
Includes exfoliating scrub and paraffin wax mask 1 hour 20 minutes £28
Manicure & Pedicure 1 hour 45 minutes £35
Deluxe Manicure & Pedicure – Total Bliss package 2 hours £45
French Polish Extra Charge £2
Gel Polish – e.g. Shellac, Gelish, etc. Extra Charge £5
Eye Treatments
Lash Tinting 25 minutes £10
Brow Tinting 10 minutes £8
Lash & Brow Tint 30 minutes £15
Lash Lift/Perm 1 hour £26
Eyebrow Shaping – waxing, tweezing 20 minutes £10
Eyebrow Tint & shape 25 minutes £14
Eyebrow Wax, Eyebrow & Eyelash tint 45 minutes £25
Eyebrows (wax and shape) 20 minutes £9
Top Lip or Chin 10 minutes £7
Top Lip & Chin 15 minutes £9
Underarm 20 minutes £10
Forearm 20 minutes £9
Half Arm 20 minutes £9
Full Arm 30 minutes £14
Bikini (basic) 15 minutes £12
Bikini (extended) 20 minutes £18
Bikini (Brazilian) 40 minutes £24
Bikini (Hollywood) 40 minutes £29
½ Leg 20 minutes £16
½ Leg 30 minutes £20
Full Leg 40 minutes £24
Waxing packages
½ Leg & Bikini 35 minutes £22
Full Leg & Bikini 50 minutes £30
½ Leg, Bikini & Underarm 45 minutes £30
Waxing for Men
Men’s Chest 30 minutes £20
Men’s Tummy 20 minutes £10
Men’s Back 30 minutes £25
Men’s back and Chest 30 minutes £20
Facial Treatments
Facial (standard) 30 minutes £20
Facial (Luxury) 60 minutes £40
Microdermabrasion Facial (30 minutes) 30 minutes £40
Microdermabrasion & Facial Combination (1 hour) 60 minutes £75
Treatment package – Course of 3 x 60 minute treatments £180
Skin Calming & Soothing Facial 45 minutes £45
Lymphatic Facial Treatment 45 minutes £45
Treatment package – course of 3 x 45 minute treatments £100
Express Facial with back, neck and shoulder massage 60 minutes £65
Swedish Massage (back, neck & shoulders) 30 minutes £25
Swedish Massage (full body) 1 hour £45
Hot Stone Massage (back, neck & shoulders) 30 minutes £25
Hot Stone Massage (full body) 1 hour £49
Aromatherapy (back, neck & shoulders) 30 minutes £25
Aromatherapy (full body) 1 hour £45
Detoxifying Lymphatic Drainage Massage 1 hour £45
Full body massage of your choice with Express Facial 1 hour £65
Reflexology Session (45 minutes) 45 minutes £35
Body Scrub’s & Tanning
Body Scrub (back /Neck / shoulders) 30 minutes £19
Body Scrub (Full body) 45 minutes £29
Manual Tan application (half body) 25 minutes £15
Manual Tan application (full body) 45 minutes £25
Manual Tan application with full body scrub 1 hour £40
Spray Tan 15 minutes £15
Body wrapping, including NSL Inch Loss Body Wrap
Single treatment 1 hour 15 minutes £49
Course of 3 treatments 1 hour 15 minutes £120

iCon ULtra
iCon uLtralift presents specialised treatments specifically designed to restore muscle tone and regenerate skin Surface.Rewind the ageing process and look as young as you feel with uplifting and preventative treatments to turn back the years without surgery or injections.

Using relaxing pulses to stimulate face and body muscles as well as to enhance a vast array of skin tones.

A visible difference is evident after the very first treatment, however to achieve optimum results it is recommended to have a tailor made course of sessions, followed by a monthly maintenance programme.



This 10 minute miracle face lift is the perfect treatment for everyone with a busy lifestyle. Reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and defining skin contours for a more youthful glow. Amazing results in just 10 minutes!

10 minute Face Lift
*with Full Facial 60 min £30
*with Mini Facial 30 min £23
*with Basic Cleanse and Exfoliation 20 min £15
ICON LIFT:This luxurious treatment is iconic in non-surgical facials to delivery dramatic results. Stimulating circulation, eliminating toxins and restoring muscle tone. Your face will be noticeably lifted, beautifully smooth with a perfectly refined skin tone.

Cleanse and Exfoliation followed by a 75 minute

Luxurious Non-Surgical Facelift covering all areas

of the face and neck. Includes infusion of anti-ageing

products into the skin and no-needle Botox 90 min £45
REFINE AND LIFT:Skin resurfacing with deep exfoliating pore refining treatment removing dead skin cells, reducing the appearance of blemishes, open pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Followed by a gentle lifting action to define facial contours. Fabulous, flawless results.

Cleanse and Exfoliation followed by a 45 minute

Non-Surgical Facelift including infusion of anti-ageing

products into the skin and no-needle Botox 60 min £35
EYE AND BROW LIFT:Transform and revitalize tired eyes with awakening effects. Purely concentrating on the upper and lower eye area. Lifting and toning to reduce the appearance of dark circles, fluid retention, crow’s feet and wrinkles. See the incredible results for yourself.

30 min treatment – Includes No-Needle Botox

*with Full Facial 80 min £32
*with Mini Facial 50 min £25
*with Basic Cleanse and Exfoliation 30 min £18
SLEEK CHEEKS:This unique treatment is idea for clients who have Botox in their upper facial area. Specifically targeting the lower face, stimulating circulation, removing fluid retention and restoring muscle tone. Lifting and tightening cheek, jowl and chin area to promote a more defined, sculptured jaw line and all over all youthful glow.

30 minute treatment Includes Infusion of Anti-Ageing product or Skin Brightening Vitamin C

*with Full Facial 80 min £32
*with Mini Facial 50 min £25
ULTRA LIPS:Exclusive naturally enhancing treatment purely designed to plum the upper and lower lip. Reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles around the mouth resulting in more prominent softer, fuller lips.

20 minute treatment includes infusion of Hyaluronic Acid to Plump up the Lips

*with Full Facial 70 min £32
*with Mini Facial 40 min £25
*with Basic Cleanse and Exfoliation 30 min £18
BODY TREATMENT MENUNECK, DECOLETTE REJUVENATEPurely targeting a main area of visible ageing, promoting lymphatic drainage to eliminate fluid retention and toxins. Replenishing sun damaged skin surface. Stimulating current to define muscle and refine and skin tone. Resulting with a firmer neck and defined jaw line.
Neck & Décolleté Rejuvenate 30 min £20
BUST LIFTSuperior non-invasive lift with amazing effects. Targeting bust area to tighten and define muscle tone and perfect skin surface. Luxurious treatment to achieve dramatic uplifting results and enhanced cleavage.
Breast Lift & Tone 30 min £20
BATWING TONETargeting loose skin and muscle to help combat the unpopular “batwing” effect. Deep penetrating micro current pulses to help redefine muscle tone. An intensive treatment promoting more defined, sculptured appearance in the upper arm.
Batwing Tone 20 min £15
ANTI-CELLULITE for LEGS, BUMS AND TUMSThis is a specialised, non-invasive treatment to encourage inch loss. Promoting lymphatic drainage, aiding the breakdown of fatty tissue and eliminate cellulite. Resulting in a healthier smoother skin tone and more defined body contours.
Anti-Cellulite for Legs, Bums and Tums 45 min £25
ABDOMEN TONEIntensive toning and shaping. Purely targeting the abdomen area to tighten and enhance muscle tone. Reducing Fluid retention and achieving a slimmer defined result.
Abdomen Tone Treatment 45 min £25
DERRIERE AND THIGH LIFTNon-invasive, intensive treatment to help restore muscle tone and redefine your body contour. Lifting and tightening buttocks and thighs for a sculptured smother profile. Get the body you deserve.
Derriere & Thigh Lift Treatment 30 min £20
INTENSIVE HAND TREATMENTTargeting hands, a main area of visible ageing. Restoring muscle tone and stimulating skin surface, hands will appear smoother and youthful. Outstanding results to compliment any manicure.
Intensive Hand Treatment 15 min £15
TREATMENT COURSES – Book and pay for a course of treatments at a reduced rateICON LIFT:
*2 Treatments £75
*5 Treatments £195
*10 Treatments £380
*2 Treatments £65
*5 Treatments £160
*10 Treatments £300
*With Full Facial £42
*With Mini Facial £33
*With Basic Cleanse & Tone £25
*With Full Facial £52
*With Mini Facial £43
*With Basic Cleanse & Tone £35
*2 Areas £35
*3 Areas £50
*4 Areas £65

Tailored Skin Care Treatments – Professional Range from PRIORI
Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals – PRIORI-TIZE your skin PRIORI-TIZE results

Your stepping stone to Idebenone Superceuticals, PRIORI Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals helps restore your skin to its basic health and fitness. PRIORI provides the latest in AHA technological advances – LCA Complex – a powerful combination of lactic acid and essential vitamin antioxidants. Ideal for all skin types including dry, sensitive, problem-prone skin and mature acne.

PRIORI-TY FACE – Treatment Menu
Skin Renewal Peel (fine lines and wrinkles) 30 min £50
Designed to deeply exfoliate the skin and increase its Natural ability to hold moisture. Skin becomes visibly Smoother, firmer, younger looking and brighter. Ideal for sun-damaged skin or normal skin that needs a boost.
Skin Perfection Peel (Adult Recurring Acne) 30 min £50
Promotes clearer, softer, brighter, more radiant skin. Designed especially to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, freshen, Invigorate and clarify problem prone skin.
Barrier Repair Peel (Damaged or Sensitive Skin) 30 min £50
Designed especially for sensitive or damaged skin that Is already compromised. Supplies essential skin nutrients To help fortify and repair damaged skin barrier function. Soothes and hydrates even the most sensitive skin.
Replenishing Peel (Hydration Treatment) 30 min £50
A relaxing yet results-focused facial that stimulates skin Hydration from within and promotes a more youthful and Radiant appearance. Ideal for extremely dry, stressed skin.
Deluxe Anti-Ageing Treatment (All Skin Types) 55 min £80
A superior boosting treatment incorporating a facial Massage with a soothing balm and a replenishing mask To firm, hydrate and exfoliate. Delivers an intensive yet relaxing treatment.
Advanced Smoothing Eye Treatment 30 min £25
Designed to provide a fast, visible reduction in the Appearance of fine lines in the delicate skin around the eyes. Combines our award-winning Smoothing Eye Serum with a unique combination of active ingredients and gentle exfoliating action to deliver fast firming.
PRIORI-TY BODY – Treatment Menu
Advanced Hydrating Lunchtime Body Treatment 30 min £40
An intensive hydrating treatment that gently but effectively Exfoliates the surface, dramatically increasing hydration levels and leaving skin feeling soft and youthful.
Advanced Hydrating and Exfoliating Body Treatment 50 min £45
A relaxing yet intensive body treatment that addresses the Visible signs of ageing and dehydrated, dry, sun-damaged or devitalized skin. Exfoliates and evens the skin tone while deeply hydrating the dermal level. Leaves the skin with a smoother, softer and brighter look and feel.
Advanced Hydrating Hand Treatment 45 min £40
The ideal hydrating remedy for water-starved skin. An intensive treatment that leaves the hands hydrated, Revitalized and nourished with multi-functional vitamin Antioxidants for protection and anti-ageing benefits.
Advanced Hydrating Foot Treatment 60 min £45
A wonderful exfoliating “medi-pedi” that restores softness And smoothness to tired feet. Leaves the feet and legs hydrated, revitalized and nourished with multi-functional antioxidants that protect the skin and deliver powerful anti-ageing benefits.

Revaleskin - Part Nature, Part Science - all beauty!
With CoffeeBerry® Whole Fruit Extract, The Revaléskin® System is clinically proven to provide protection against free radicals – the #1 cause of premature skin aging.
Revaléskin – Facial Treatment Menu
Skincare Consultation Treatment 20 min Free
A professional skincare consultation designed to introduce New clients to Revaleskin or for instant skin rejuvenation and to provide customized homecare recommendations and professional treatment regimes. Provides increased hydration,smoother texture and greater luminosity for clients with photo damaged/dry skin.
Lunchtime Enzyme Peel 30 min £55
Reveal your skin’s potential in just 30 minutes! This skin Improving facial will exfoliate, brighten, smooth and hydrate your complexion, while you relax and see visibly smoother skin. A great pick-me-up for tired skin or as a special occasion skin boost.
Rejuvenating Enzyme Treatment 50 min £75
This wonderfully relaxing facial is ideal for all skin types, Including sensitive. The treatment retexturises the skin, Smoothes fine lines and makes wrinkles less visible in Areas where it is most noticeable, resulting in more Radiant skin. Includes a wealth of massage – you will Drift into relaxation and awaken with wonderfully smooth, Radiant skin.
Idebenone Superceuticals – The Triathlon of Skin Fitness
PRIORI Idebenone Superceuticals is the first anti-ageing professional treatments to incorporate the dramatic benefits of Idebenone, an entirely new and different kind of antioxidant. It targets ageing at its cellular source to provide a level of skin rejuvenation and free radical protection not available with any other non-invasive skincare program.
PRIORI-TY FACE – Idebenone Treatment Menu
Superceutical Peel 30 min £60
Designed to help achieve serious skin rejuvenation with Improved elasticity, texture, tone and clarity as well as A visible reduction in the look of fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment offers effective age management by Encouraging the growth of healthy new skin cells, increasing Skin density, removing layers of dead skin, and increasing Skin moisture content. An ideal treatment for instant Skin Boosting effect.
Superceutical Anti-Ageing Peel 30 min £60
An Anti-ageing treatment peel that provides dramatic and visible results specifically for advanced signs of ageing. Brightens the complexion while it reduces the appearance of redness, fine lines, wrinkles and photo damage. Dramatically improves skin texture, tone and clarity, leaving the skin deeply hydrated. Recommended as a next level treatment after at least one Superceutical Peel.
Superceutical Age-Reversal Eye Treatment 30 min £60
An incredibly intensive treatment designed to correct fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, loss of firmness and sun damage. Protects while it rejuvenates and makes the delicate skin in the eye area appear more youthful. (Décolletage + 10mins, Hands + 10 mins)
PRIORI-TY BODY – Idebenone Treatment Menu
Superceutical Age-Reversal Hand Treatment 45 min £40
Designed to be supremely rejuvenating as well as refreshing. Works to correct protect and address signs of ageing such as rough texture, dehydration, wrinkles and irregular pigmentation.
Superceutical Age-Reversal Foot Treatment 60 min £45
Amazingly rejuvenating gas well as refreshing. Restore the skin’s appearance and texture while treating dehydration, wrinkles, irregular pigmentation and other signs of skin ageing.

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