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Brotox – Botox for Men – What to Expect?

brotox - botox for man

Botox has been the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedure since 2016, and is becoming increasingly attractive to men. If you’re concerned about your appearance Botox can help reduce the visible signs of ageing – take a look at Brotox – Botox for men – what to expect here…

How Does Botox for Men Work?

The procedure is virtually the same as Botox for women. A series of injections are administered by a fine needle into the targeted areas of the face. As men have larger facial muscles the dose of Botox will be increased to achieve the same results – this may increase the cost of the procedure but will be based on individual requirements assessed by your skilled practitioner.

Wrinkle Relaxing Treatments

The toxin that forms Botox can be used to treat a wide range of medical conditions – and is suitable for women and men. It works by blocking the neurological signals that tell the facial muscles to contract so they can’t scrunch or wrinkle and lines disappear. Repetitive movement of facial muscles is what causes lines and wrinkles to form as the skin is forced to fold in a set way time and time again.

The treatment takes about 15-20 minutes and involves a small amount of liquid injected under the skin. Treatment areas include Botox for men’s foreheads, frown lines, smoker’s lines, drooping mouth corners and underarm sweating. Qualified cosmetic doctors will know exactly how to relax certain muscles while leaving others working as normal to give a normal expression with a smoother look.

The full effects can take up to two weeks and are really amazing – making you look younger and feel confident, and the results will last around three to six months providing the correct dosage has been calculated. For most men three to four treatments a year ensures the effects last longer due to repetition.

Common Treatment Areas

The furrow that runs between the eyebrows is problematic in men and most commonly treated by Botox. Crow’s feet and long horizontal lines that run across the forehead can also be drastically reduced in severity.

Preventing wrinkles with Botox can be successful in men but you may need to consider starting the injections when you’re in your 30’s and having regular treatments ongoing. Small creases that worsen over time through laughing, smiling, and squinting can also be treated successfully.

The Botox Procedure and Aftercare

You need to make sure that your cosmetic doctor is trained, qualified, and specialises in cosmetic injectables as the results you get depend on your treatment. You may feel a sensation as the injections are applied but you’ll feel very little discomfort – there may be a distinctive squirt and a slight pinch.

Afterwards, it’s advisable to wait at least 24 hours before going to the gym or taking part in any other strenuous exercise. You should also keep upright for four hours following the procedure and not lie on your front. Don’t rub or massage the injected area for at least four hours after treatment, and avoid any headwear that fits tightly across the forehead. After four hours you can perform a light exercise such as walking, jogging, and gardening.

Don’t worry if you experience minor bruising or small visible bumps – these will soon disappear. Temporary headaches can be treated with over the counter painkillers. If you have any other concerns you should get in touch with your clinic practitioner.

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