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Top 5 Cosmetic Treatments for Aging Skin

Battling the clock

Battling the clock The most fundamental way to prevent wrinkles is sun protection! However wrinkles are also caused by uncontrollable factors such as genes, and repetitive muscle movements. A whole range of over the counter products claim to reduce wrinkles, but research has shown that these are the top 5 cosmetic treatments for aging skin when we’re battling the clock! 1. Head to toe facials: your session may start with a gentle laser treatment which encourages new collagen, followed by a peel using calming essence of lavender. A serum is then applied that helps to build more collagen, and illuminated with a low-energy light to slow its breakdown. A rich cream laced with tremella mushroom

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7 Most Innovative Skin Treatments To Try

Innovative Skin Treatments

The latest advancements in skincare technology mean that big beauty treatments are readily available for you at your local skin clinics, or you can even try some of them at home! Take a look at 7 innovative skin treatments to try. Skin Clinics 1. Micro-needling Luxe Skin by Dr Q highly recommends this treatment as it’s simple, and virtually pain free. Three skin needling sessions about six weeks apart restore firmness and tightness to skin, improve skin quality, and smooths wrinkles, lines, and scars. Your skin clinics Glasgow experts will answer all your questions about this non-invasive procedure. 2. Microblading By depositing pigment under the skin, microblading creates the appearance of fuller eyebrows, taking away

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Quick Fix – One Stitch Facelift

One Stitch Facelift

Thanks to new technology avoiding invasive plastic surgery women and men can now get a one-stitch facelift that takes very little time and is almost invisible! You can reap all the benefits without the need to undergo major surgery. Although the Silhouette Soft lift procedure is called a one-stitch facelift it normally takes two or three stitches to achieve optimum results. Take a look at some frequently asked questions about one stitch facelifts. What is a one stitch facelift? The procedure starts with the identification of the problem areas and marking where each stitch should be placed. Local anesthetic ensures there’s no pain as the stitches are inserted using long needles. The stitches are pulled

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5 Latest Cosmetic Surgery Trend Of 2017

Cosmetic Surgery Trend Of 2017

Cosmetic surgery is defined as the improvement of a person’s appearance by the restoration of damaged areas of skin, and the removal of wrinkles and blemishes. With the advancement of technology there are treatments and procedures to eliminate even your smallest imperfections! Read on to find out more about the latest cosmetic surgery trends of 2017. Facial Surgery Facial cosmetic surgery including face and neck lifts will continue to increase in popularity. Facelifts tighten and soften the soft tissues of your face and neck, and are of most benefit when you have deep folds of skin on the sides of your mouth and nose, you have sagging cheeks, or a double chin. The operation is

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New to Derma-Rolling? Learn all about Micro-Needling Dermaroller


Innovative and exciting beauty treatments are always in the news, and dermarolling is no exception! The procedure uses a skin needling device that remoulds the skin by creating thousands of microscopic channels, increasing the formation of tissue, and releasing growth factors that promote healing and the deposition of normal collagen. New to Dermarolling? Take a look at some frequently asked questions. What is a dermaroller? A dermaroller contains hundreds of tiny needles which punch tiny holes into the skin causing a microscopic injury. This handheld device can be used with a selection of needle lengths varying from 0.2mm to 2.0mm, used according to the skin condition that needs treating. The dermaroller needs to be carefully

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Chemical Peels: Conditions They Treat

Chemical Peels

What Does a Chemical Peel Do? Chemical peels are used to address a wide range of skin conditions and concerns. This skin resurfacing procedure ensures the skin that grows back after the peel is smoother and younger looking. Take a look at the following article to see if a chemical peel is right for you… What is a chemical peel? A chemical peel is a treatment that applies a chemical to the skin that’s absorbed and allowed to soak in. Over the next one to 14 days the skin peels off, depending on the depth of the chemical soak. This process destroys the targeted parts, so that new skin can grow in its place. The

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Top 5 Botox Myths

TOP 5 Botox myths

Botox is a drug made from botulinum toxin that’s used medically to cosmetically remove wrinkles by temporarily paralysing muscles, resulting in the smoothing of the overlying skin. Visible results are often seen within three days of treatment, and effects can last for up to three or four months. It’s one of the most popular anti-aging procedures worldwide, yet it still has many misconceptions surrounding its use. This article will address five of the most common Botox myths: Botox treatments are extremely painful: actually there’s just a slight pinching sensation that lasts for a few seconds. You don’t need any anaesthetic during the procedure as a very fine needle is used to inject the tiniest amount

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10 Tips To Build Your Perfect Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Tips

Why Skin Care Matters The choices you make today will influence how your skin looks in years to come. It’s much easier to slow down the development of lines, wrinkles and sagging than it is to reverse them. Building your perfect skin care routine is vital if you want to age with grace.   Here’s a few tips that will help: 1) Remember that skin care starts from within Eating healthily, keeping yourself hydrated, drinking alcohol sensibly and not smoking will do as much to help your skin stay youthful as the most expensive serums. 2) Keep your make-up brushes scrupulously clean You’ll avoid a lot of skin problems by washing brushes regularly to keep

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Synthetic vs. Natural Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers can be used to solve a variety of issues related to the face. They can plump out wrinkles and creases, creating a smoother and fuller appearance, enhance and define features, and generally, increase the volume of the areas under the skin. There are two groups of dermal fillers – synthetic and natural. Synthetic fillers last much longer than naturally derived ones and are considered to be more permanent, whilst the natural variety has immediate results but these will dissipate over time. So what are synthetic and natural dermal fillers? Botox is well known for reducing facial creases and lines for several months after treatment. It works by blocking nerve signals that cause facial

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