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Dermal Fillers

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Ageing is a natural process for all of us. Whether we like to admit it or not, none of us are getting any younger. There is an option for those of us wanting to slow down this process and that is the use of dermal fillers.

For those of us for whom plastic surgery is either too drastic or too expensive, dermal fillers are an increasingly popular, non-surgical treatment to remove unwanted wrinkles, facial lines and can be used to treat a huge range of other areas. Unlike Botox, dermal fillers are a form of hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in our skin.  As we age our skin loses its firmness. Mainly it is due to the loss of collagen; a protein that gives skin its strength, but overexposure to sunlight also plays a part. Dermal fillers work by adding volume and stimulating production of collagen, so your skin regains its volume and appearance. The most popular treatments are lip and cheek fillers.

The treatment is very simple and incredibly safe. We will first take a careful history to ensure there will be no reaction then, through a series of micro-injections placed under the skin, the filler will be gently added. Almost immediately your skin will begin to regain volume it has lost and lines will appear reduced. The process only takes around 30 minutes and you will be able to return to your normal daily routine straight away.

Fillers are used predominantly to remove wrinkles but can also be used to improve the appearance of scar tissue, nose profiling, nasolabial folds and lip volumisation, cheek fillers, amongst many others. If there’s a particular issue you want help with, we’re always here to assist you.

Dermal Filler Treatment Areas

  1. Forehead Lines
  2. Glabellar Lines
  3. Eyebrow Lift
  4. Tear Trough
  5. Nose Reshaping
  6. Cheek Fillers Enhancement
  7. Facial Contouring
  8. Nasolabial Lines
  9. Smoker’s Lines
  10. Lip Enhancement
  11. Marionette Lines
  12. Chin Crease Reduction
  13. Chin Reshaping
  14. Jowl Reduction
  15. Neck Lines Reduction
  16. Decolletage Rejuvenation
  17. Hand Rejuvenation

Dermal Fillers FAQ

Q. Are there different brands of dermal fillers?
A. Yes. There are six main brands of dermal fillers we use; Restylane, Juvederm, Stylage, Emervel, Teosyal and Belotero. All have very similar effects and are made by well-known pharmaceutical companies. At Luxe Skin by Doctor Q – Glasgow, we only use products from these reputable, world-renowned brands, so you can be sure you are dealing with the very best products available.

Q. What happens during the dermal filling treatment?
A. A small amount of liquid is injected into the muscles of the face or hand using a fine needle. You may feel a small sensation as the injections are applied but Dr Qureshi is very confident about his technique and you will feel very little discomfort. Local anaesthetic in the form of a cream or injection can be provided to numb the area if you wish.

Q. Do you provide lip fillers too?
A. Yes. Dr Qureshi provides lip filler treatment in our Glasgow clinic to contour and volumise the lips. Again, a local anaesthetic can be given to numb the lips to minimise any discomfort. Ask about his signature Q-Lips.

Q. How soon after the treatment will I see the effect?
A. You will see an immediate difference, although it can take up to 2 weeks before the full effect is achieved.

Q. How long do the effects last?
A. Over time the filler is metabolised into the body so results will vary by individual, due to differences in skin structure. Typically, the results can last between 6 – 12 months.

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For more information or to arrange a complimentary consultation with Cosmetic Doctor and Aesthetic Expert, Dr Qureshi please call our Glasgow office on 0141 501 0002.  Alternatively, you can Email Luxe Skin by Doctor Q or complete our online Enquiry Form. However you choose to contact us, you can be sure that our friendly, professional staff will treat your request with complete discretion.

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Thanks Dr. Q!

Dr. Q has done my lip fillers and wrinkle reduction. Lots of people tell me I’m looking really well but my look is natural so they don’t always guess I’ve had any work done and that’s exactly what I wanted. Dr. Q listens well and therefore provides the look you want. Nice relaxed atmosphere in the clinic. Treatments are painless (I use anaesthetic cream for lip fillers). The clinic is clean and bright. Love my little visits!

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