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Tear Trough Hollows

Hollowness can occur under the eyes at any age. For younger people, it may be due to genetic reasons or weight loss. As we get older, we lose fat pads under the eyes resulting in hollowness. This can make us look exhausted. What annoys us more is when other people say “you look tired, have you not had much sleep?”

There is an easy way to correct this without surgery. Dermal filler is used to replenish the lost fat and lifting up this grove. It is injected using a blunt cannula to avoid any damage to the delicate structures under the eye. The result after the treatment is instant. This is a specialist procedure and should only be done by an experienced doctor.

Tear Trough FAQ

Q. Why is this a specialist procedure?
A. The area under the eye is very delicate so great care if needed when injecting the filler. Also if too much filler is injected, it can give the appearance of bags under the eyes. Occasionally this can occur but is easily corrected by dissolving the excess filler using an enzyme.

Q. Will I get bruising?
A. Some swelling and bruising can occur which will settle down in a few days. It is advised to allow 2 full weeks for the final result to appear.

Q. Will this help the dark circles under my eyes?
A. The dark circles are due to hyperpigmentation. Fillers will not help this. Prescription eye serum is needed to control the activity of the melanocytes (pigment producing cells) and lighten the skin.

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