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How to Get Rid of Smokers Lines?

Perioral lines, smoker’s wrinkles or smoker’s lines are all names for the fine vertical lines that form in and around the upper lips. With age, most people develop them to some extent, but there’s a lot you can do to delay the appearance of smoker’s lines, to reduce their prominence, and even to get rid of them.

What Causes Smokers Lines?

Skin loses elasticity and tone with age, the volume is lost and collagen levels reduce over time. It’s this combination of factors that lead to skin wrinkles. Smoker’s lines are not confined to smokers, but for the reasons discussed below smokers are more likely to develop lip lines at a younger age than non-smokers.

Preventing Smoker’s Lines

To make it less likely that you’ll develop smokers lines:

  • 1) Stop smoking – Smoking ages the skin, making it less elastic, and the pouting expression associated with smoking is also a major factor. Because the lips are pursed so often and so regularly while smoking, the lines formed ‘set’ in the face. Despite the old wives’ tale, facial expressions don’t get stuck because the wind changed! But, like so many old wives’ tales there is a tiny element of truth in this one. The facial lines that develop with age, will indeed reflect the expressions most often adopted by the individual.
  • 2) Stay hydrated – Next to not smoking, maintaining good hydration is the single most important step of good skin care. Drinking plenty of fluids won’t remove lines that are formed, but keeping your skin hydrated will help to maintain the elasticity that prevents the formation of wrinkles in the first place.
  • 3) Don’t forget the sunblock – UV light ages skin. Protecting your skin from direct sunlight will help it stay more healthy for longer
  • 4) Moisturise – Moisturisers that are high in antioxidants are best, as these help to fight the free radicals that damage skin making it more vulnerable to line formation. Coconut oil is a popular choice. Massage it gently into your skin, using smooth strokes that pull away from the centre of your lips towards the sides of your face.

Getting Rid of Smoker’s Lines

Once prominent lines have formed it’s a bit late for preventative measures. If you want to get rid of existing smokers lines you’ll need to use stronger measures. Either the options below will temporarily get rid of smoker’s wrinkles. Relaxation treatments tend to be recommended for fine lines, fillers are more effective for deeper ones.

  • 1) Wrinkle relaxing treatments – Botox is the most well known of these though there are other treatments available. Botox injections work by blocking the neurological signals that cause muscles to contract.
  • 2) Dermal fillers – While Botox and similar treatments work by relaxing muscles, fillers for smokers lines focus on replacing lost skin volume. Lip line filler is generally based on hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in all skin cells. Hyaluronic acid supply tends to diminish with age, so reintroducing it into cells by injection is not so much an artificial addition to the skin as a replenishment.

Finding Reputable Practitioners for Smokers Lines Treatments

As with any cosmetic procedure and especially one that involves injections, you’ll want to be certain that your treatment is delivered by a qualified and experienced practitioner with a great reputation for both hygiene and aesthetic abilities. While lip fillers can be used to enhance and change lip shape, many people simply want to maintain a natural yet more youthful appearance. There are great practitioners for dermal fillers from Glasgow to Truro and across the breadth of the country too. If your family or friends can’t offer a recommendation just do a quick search online and be sure to check reviews and reputation carefully.

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