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How The Shape Of Your Face Can Play A Role When It Comes To Aging?

Studies have shown that as we age facial bones start to thin and cheekbones descend offering less support. Eye sockets widen and facial fat sinks, giving the appearance of a baggy chin and jowly neck! Wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of volume are all signs of the ageing process. Distinctive areas of the face can age differently which can actually be attributed to different face shapes. Does face shape change with ageing? Read more…

Face shape changes with age

Take a look at how the shape of your face can play a role when it comes to ageing:

1. Round face

Effects of ageing will first show in your cheeks where there tends to be more fat. Droopiness leads to more pronounced nasal folds, and less jawline definition.

2. Oval face

The first signs of ageing for this face shape are on the cheeks and around the eyes. Cheeks lose volume and temples start to become hollow. This loss of definition creates upper eyelid hooding and crows feet.

3. Heart-shaped face

Ageing will start on the temples and forehead and can lead to droopiness and hooded upper eyelids. Wrinkles and fine lines will become prominent.

4. Rectangular face

When ageing catches up the first place to be affected is the neck and the jawline. This leads to loss of firmness known as turkey neck and a less defined jawline.

Preventative Measures

Wearing sunscreen and taking Vitamin C and retinol are measures that can easily become part of your beauty regime. Anti-ageing products are readily available from dermatologists and will help to stimulate soft tissue structures. Other options include:

► Fillers

As your face shape changes, fillers are your best option. One of the main goals is to replace lost structure and volume by lifting the face with natural fillers that make your face look tighter and fuller. The benefits of hyaluronic acid fillers include the triggering of natural collagen.

► Micro-needling

This involves the use of a handheld device that contains microscopic fine needles. These puncture the skin and create a controlled skin injury that causes the body to fill the wounds with new collagen and elastin. This is a safe and increasingly popular skin renewal technique to restore a youthful appearance.

► Microdermabrasion

This is a gentle abrasion and exfoliation technique that smooths wrinkles and fine lines, and also reduces the appearance of scars. As the top layer of skin is removed the body is stimulated to increase cell turnover and produce collagen.

► Lasers

Fractional lasers target small areas leaving surrounding skin unblemished. Benefits of this procedure include improved skin elasticity and texture, acne scars and sun damage.

Your Facial Rejuvenation Expert

The results you get from cosmetic treatments depend on your cosmetic doctor. Choosing the right products for you and having the skills and expertise to carry out the procedures must be the priorities for your professional. Make sure you receive the highest quality of care and the aftercare you need when you book your treatment that’s going to help you look younger, radiant, and revitalised!

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