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What Is Microneedling And Dermaroller Treatment?

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy is a procedure where a device covered with tiny shallow needles poke tiny holes in the surface of the skin. The most popular microneedling device is known as a dermaroller and is made up of micro-fine needles that range in diameter between 0.5 and 2.5mm. So what are microneedling and dermaroller treatment? Read on…

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a safe and virtually pain-free treatment that restores a healthy youthful skin appearance. It’s suitable for treating all skin types including fragile skin around the eyes, mouth, and neck. A minimum of three skin needling sessions about six weeks apart will be needed for maximum results.

The procedure is almost painless as a local anaesthetic or numbing gel will be applied to the area before the treatment starts. The handheld tool works by stamping the skin with ultra-fine pinpricks designed to increase the efficiency of the production of collagen. The stimulation of the body’s natural wound healing processes results in increased elastin production too, preventing the signs of ageing.

The small holes that the needles create allow skin care products to penetrate and absorb into the deeper layers of skin to deliver powerful results. The process takes about 30 minutes to complete, and you’ll be advised that recovery time is about 48 hours.

The Benefits of Microneedling

There are many benefits of the microneedling procedure and these include:

For ageing skin:

  • Restoring firmness and tightness to loose skin
  • Improving overall skin quality and texture with the thickening of the epidermis
  • Smoothing wrinkles and reducing fine lines
  • Reducing the size of large pores by plumping them to appear shrunken or closed

For scars:

  • Reducing the appearance of scars and relaxing old scars
  • Diminishing the appearance of old surgical scars
  • Improving acne, chicken pox, and injury scars

For other skin issues:

  • Lightening pigmentation marks
  • Improving the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite
  • Revering sun damage and discolouration
  • Making skin products work better as they actually penetrate the skin

Microneedling – Is it Worth It?

Take a look at the risk possibility to make sure you know all the pros and cons:

  • Infection – you should avoid the procedure if you have active acne
  • Skin reaction – don’t have treatment if you have eczema or rosacea
  • Itching and rashes – may happen on sensitive skin
  • Scarring – might occur if the procedure isn’t carried out professionally
  • Broken capillaries – repeated microneedling needs to be regulated to once a month
  • Sensitivity – to touch and tightness which will normally subside within 48 hours

Microneedling by Luxe Skin

You’ll be able to arrange a complimentary consultation with your cosmetic and aesthetic expert Dr Q to determine your suitability for this treatment. Visible signs of skin rejuvenation are often seen just six weeks after treatment and will continue to improve for another year or so. Generally, your skin will have an improved texture and will look bright and radiant. Wrinkles, lines, and pores will all get better as your skin becomes firmer and looks more youthful!

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Dr. Q has done my lip fillers and wrinkle reduction. Lots of people tell me I’m looking really well but my look is natural so they don’t always guess I’ve had any work done and that’s exactly what I wanted. Dr. Q listens well and therefore provides the look you want. Nice relaxed atmosphere in the clinic. Treatments are painless (I use anaesthetic cream for lip fillers). The clinic is clean and bright. Love my little visits!

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