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Botox Aftercare – What Should You Know


The effects of Botox can be really amazing – making you look younger and feel fantastic. These cosmetic treatments are a safe and effective way to fight wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and drooping mouth corners. Just as important as the procedure is Botox aftercare – what should you know… At a trusted clinic such as Luxe Skin, you’ll get a complimentary consultation before you have your treatment – Dr Q will make sure you receive the highest quality of care to meet your needs. During the procedure, a small amount of liquid is injected into the face muscles using a very fine needle. You may feel a slight sensation but very little discomfort. The

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Is A Chemical Peel A Good Treatment For Acne Scars?


Is a chemical peel a good treatment for acne scars? The answer to this frequently asked question is yes! Acne is a skin condition characterised by red spots, especially on the face, that is caused by inflamed or infected sebaceous glands. The resulting scars can lead to anxiety, reduced self-esteem, and depression. But modern technology has found a solution that peels the scars away – take a look at some chemical peels designed to help with acne… Types of chemical peel Skin peels are essentially resurfacing treatments – acting by stimulating the skin cells to maintain hydration, reduce inflammation, and even out pigmentation problems. A chemical peel removes the outer layer of skin to uncover

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How to Get Rid of Smokers Lines?


Perioral lines, smoker’s wrinkles or smoker’s lines are all names for the fine vertical lines that form in and around the upper lips. With age, most people develop them to some extent, but there’s a lot you can do to delay the appearance of smoker’s lines, to reduce their prominence, and even to get rid of them. What Causes Smokers Lines? Skin loses elasticity and tone with age, the volume is lost and collagen levels reduce over time. It’s this combination of factors that lead to skin wrinkles. Smoker’s lines are not confined to smokers, but for the reasons discussed below smokers are more likely to develop lip lines at a younger age than non-smokers.

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Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatment You Should Try

how to remove dark circles under eyes

What causes dark circles under eyes? The medical term is hyperpigmentation – a skin condition that thousands of people suffer from. It’s the result of too much melanin which causes skin darkening – but dark circles can also be caused by a lack of iron or sleep. Where the skin is especially thin due to ageing or genetics the blood beneath becomes more visible and creates the appearance of dark circles. What causes hyperpigmentation? Common results of hyperpigmentation are liver, brown, and age spots, freckles, pregnancy-related skin discolouration, and dark circles. The causes include: Sun exposure and damage Scarring from acne or burns Genetics where people of certain descents are more prone to under-eye darkening

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Microneedling For Cellulite – Does Microneedling Work on Cellulite?

Does Microneedling Work on Cellulite?

Does micro needling work on cellulite? This is a frequently asked question and the answer is a definite yes. It’ a safe and effective method of getting rid of unsightly lumps and bumps to leave skin plumper, hydrated, and smooth. Microneedling procedures restore the healthy youthful appearance of skin with minimal or zero downtime – and visible signs of improvement can be seen after just one session. What is cellulite? Cellulite is an uneven fat deposition in the skin. The skin is made up of the epidermis, dermis, and the subcutaneous layer – below are muscles and bones. The subcutaneous layer is composed of mainly fat cells, and when these rise the skin becomes lumpy

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Hyperhidrosis Botox Treatment – Is It Right For You?

botox in glasgow

Perspiring is a normal part of daily life – it’s the body’s way of regulating temperature. However, for some people sweating is a major problem causing distress and embarrassment. This condition is known as primary hyperhidrosis affecting the armpits hands, and feet. For heavy and severe underarm sweating there are non-invasive options to try such as prescription anti-perspirants and sweat proof clothing but there’s also non-surgical solution called hyperhidrosis Botox treatment – is it right for you? Take a look… Can Botox prevent excessive sweating? Botox is a brand of Botulinum Toxin which is perfectly safe administered in minute doses. It works by blocking the signals travelling along the nerves to the sweat glands –

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How to Get Rid of Eye Bags – Microneedling Around Eyes

Microneedling Around Eyes

As you age mild swelling or puffiness under your eyes is common – the tissues supporting your eyelids weaken and fat that supports your eyes can move into the lower lids. Fluids can accumulate in the space below your eyes causing additional swelling. Other symptoms can include dark circles and all these cosmetic concerns can be improved with a simple minimally invasive treatment. See how to get rid of eye bags-micro needling around eyes here… What causes eye bags? Dark circles around the eyes can be caused by lack of sleep or prolonged stress – your skin is telling you something about your health. It may be a genetic issue, or you might have a

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Botox For Migraines – Does It Work?

Luxe Skin Front Desk

For many years Botox has been used to smooth wrinkles because it relaxes muscles in the face, but recent studies have shown that adults who had injections of Botox for headaches had more pain-free days and less time off work. If you’ve been diagnosed with a migraine or tension headaches this could be a treatment that really helps. Botox for migraines – does it work? Read on… How it works Doctors believe that Botox injections for migraines block chemicals called neurotransmitters that carry pain signals from your brain – preventing them getting to nerve endings around the neck and head. Unlike many other conditions for which it’s used, it’s not thought to work by relaxing

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Brotox – Botox for Men – What to Expect?

brotox - botox for man

Botox has been the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedure since 2016, and is becoming increasingly attractive to men. If you’re concerned about your appearance Botox can help reduce the visible signs of ageing – take a look at Brotox – Botox for men – what to expect here… How Does Botox for Men Work? The procedure is virtually the same as Botox for women. A series of injections are administered by a fine needle into the targeted areas of the face. As men have larger facial muscles the dose of Botox will be increased to achieve the same results – this may increase the cost of the procedure but will be based on individual

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Types of Chemical Peels – Which is Right for Me?

chemical peel types

Applying a chemical to the skin to remove some of the outer layers might sound a little alarming, but in fact, it’s one of the oldest beauty tricks in the book. If it’s something you’re considering there are a few things to know before you book an appointment. When Might a Chemical Peel be Helpful? Some of the reasons for using chemical peels include: The treatment of acne, and reduction of scarring from acne Reducing abnormal pigmentation and treating sun damage Improving the condition of the oily or dry skin To bring a healthy glow to dull or lifeless skin How Deep Do You Need to Go? When asking yourself ‘which chemical peel is right

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