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Quick Fix – One Stitch Facelift

Thanks to new technology avoiding invasive plastic surgery women and men can now get a one-stitch facelift that takes very little time and is almost invisible! You can reap all the benefits without the need to undergo major surgery. Although the Silhouette Soft lift procedure is called a one-stitch facelift it normally takes two or three stitches to achieve optimum results. Take a look at some frequently asked questions about one stitch facelifts.

One Stitch Facelift

What is a one stitch facelift?

The procedure starts with the identification of the problem areas and marking where each stitch should be placed. Local anesthetic ensures there’s no pain as the stitches are inserted using long needles. The stitches are pulled back to re-suspend the skin and soft tissues, whilst the small cones along the stitch length anchor them in the new youthful position. The thread looks like a plastic fishing wire with tiny knots along it, each capped with a miniature cone, made of dissolvable, natural glycolic, and the thread is made from non-biodegradable polypropylene that remains in the skin.

Which areas can be treated?

The treatment can be used for various parts of the face including cheeks and cheekbones, eyebrows, neck, the lower jaw, and the contour of the face. The lower face and neck really benefit from this procedure where in the past techniques has been less satisfying. Applications are continually being developed so even more areas will benefit in the future.

faceliftHow long does the result last?

The rejuvenated look will last for up to eighteen months. The overall effect is actually two-fold with an immediate improvement noticeable as the skin is lifted to regain lost shape and tone. The second benefit acts in the deep tissue of the skin and encourages volume to slowly restore your natural face shape. The results look completely natural.

Are there any side effects?

The Silhouette Soft lift technique has no cutting or scarring, and very minimal recovery time, and you can normally go back to work and resume normal activities the very next day. There may be a slight swelling or light bruising, but nothing that can’t be hidden with a concealer. A temporary wrinkling of any areas will quickly disappear. Don’t undergo any dental or beauty treatments for about 10 days after the procedure, and if you feel any discomfort take the directed dose of pain relief.

Want to get a quick fix one-stitch facelift? You need to find a professional cosmetic doctor to arrange a complimentary consultation – Dr Q Glasgow (Luxe Skin by Dr Q) is an example of the specialist you need to perform your one stitch facelift in Glasgow as he’s an expert in his field, and renowned for his work.

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This was my first time having Botox. I wanted to get rid of my frown lines and lift my eyebrows. Dr Qureshi explained everything to me clearly and answered all my questions (and I had a lot). He has very light hands, I hardly felt a thing. I will definitely be back with my friends.

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