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Skin Problems

Skin Problems

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Acne Scarring

Acne is a common cause of spots and is usually treatable. Inflamed acne needs to be treated early to prevent scarring. Normal skin contains pores that let out sebum (oil) and hair. In Acne, the pores become blocked trapping hair and sebum forming whiteheads and black heads. The trapped sebum then becomes infected and gives rise to spots. The infected spots eventually heal sometimes leaving behind a darker patch on skin.

Solution: At Luxe Skin, we offer prescription skincare, boosters and peels to reduce the inflammation producing a marked improvement in acne.

Dark Eye Circles

This is caused by hyper-pigmentation under the eyes. The melanocytes (pigment producing cells) start to behave abnormally producing too much pigment.

Solution: Our prescription eye serum works by controlling the melanocytes and thereby lightening the skin.

Pigmentation Problems

Pigmentation problems can occur all over the face and not just under eyes. This is usually due to sun damage and results in uneven skin tones.

Solution: Our prescription skincare works by increasing the skin cell turnover so that the dark and damaged cells are shed more quickly. It also acts on the melanocytes reducing the pigmentation produced. This results in even toned and uniform skin.

Redness and Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition that affects parts of the face. Symptoms can include facial flushing, facial redness, spots, prominent blood vessels and thickening of the skin. Rosacea is not usually painful or itchy. However, in some cases there may be a burning feeling over the affected skin.

Solution: We offer skin treatments that reduce the inflammation and correct the cellular damage resulting in visible improvement of your skin.


Sun Damaged Skin

Too much sun is harmful and can damage the skin. Some of this damage is short-term such as sunburn. However, recurrent sun exposure results in uneven skin tones, wrinkles, thickening of skin and increases risk of skin cancer.

There are two main types of damaging ultraviolet (UV) sunlight: UVA and UVB. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin, damaging the middle layer (the dermis). The dermis contains the

elastic tissues that keep the skin stretchy. UVA rays therefore have the effect of ageing the skin and causing wrinkles. UVB rays are absorbed by the top layer of skin (the epidermis). This causes sun tanning but also burning.

Both UVA and UVB rays increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Getting sunburnt is therefore a warning sign that you are putting yourself at risk.

Melanin is the coloured pigment in our skins. When skin is exposed to sunlight, more melanin is produced to help protect the skin against the UV rays. This makes the skin darker – what people refer to as a suntan. Although melanin stops your skin burning so easily, it does not prevent the harmful effects of UV rays.

Solution: Our prescriptive skincare has anti-ageing ingredients that repair the existing damage to your skin. The skin becomes firmer and hydrated, lines are reduced and skin tone becomes even. The actual texture of your skin will appear younger. Plus, our products contain SPF and antioxidants that protect against future damage.

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For more information or to arrange a complimentary consultation with Cosmetic Doctor and Aesthetic Expert, Dr Qureshi please call our Glasgow office on 0141 573 1473.  Alternatively, you can Email Luxe Skin or complete our online Enquiry Form. However you choose to contact us, you can be sure that our friendly, professional staff will treat your request with complete discretion.

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Thanks Dr. Q!

Dr. Q has done my lip fillers and wrinkle reduction. Lots of people tell me I’m looking really well but my look is natural so they don’t always guess I’ve had any work done and that’s exactly what I wanted. Dr. Q listens well and therefore provides the look you want. Nice relaxed atmosphere in the clinic. Treatments are painless (I use anaesthetic cream for lip fillers). The clinic is clean and bright. Love my little visits!

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