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What Are Lip Fillers and How They Make Lips Bigger?

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Lip augmentation is a type of non-surgical procedure that changes the appearance of your lips by increasing their fullness using fillers. The process uses minute lip injections adding volume, structure, and shape. So, what are lip fillers and how they make lips look bigger? Read on…

Lip Filler Facts

Lip fillers today are made of hyaluronic acid which is a substance that’s found naturally in the body. Due to its ability to absorb up to one thousand times its weight in water, it’s a very popular ingredient in skincare products. To be able to penetrate deep into the skin layers it needs to be injected into the lips to add temporary volume and definition.

There are variations in longevity and density depending on the formula used so you need a prior consultation with your cosmetic doctor to choose the best results for your facial features. For the most natural looking result, the bottom lip should always have a little more volume and pout than the top. The filler works three-dimensionally, expanding in all directions.

Lip Filler Procedure

You need to make sure that your cosmetic expert is a professional with qualifications. The treatment area will be sterile and your doctor will wear medical gloves to carry out the process. The treatment isn’t painful as numbing cream will be applied, and there’s a dose of the painkiller lidocaine actually in the syringe with the hyaluronic acid.

Using a fine hollow tube known as a cannula the lips are injected with filler from the outside edge to minimise bruising. The filler is then massaged into the lip for even distribution. Taking less than an hour to complete you’ll get instant results with fuller looking lips! After the treatment is completed you’ll be given an ice or a topical product to soothe the skin and reduce any inflammation. You may experience slight bruising and swell afterwards but this will disappear within a few days.

Lip Augmentation Maintenance

The best results involve repeating the treatment every three to twelve months, and you can have the shape altered with an injection of hyaluronidase if you don’t like your original choice. Opt for one or both lips to be injected, and lip size can gradually be increased over time. Fillers have the flexibility to be fixed or totally reversed, or you can even have them removed entirely. You’ll be able to discuss all this during your follow-up appointment after a week or two.

Your Cosmetic Doctor

Lip fillers Glasgow specialist Dr Q will arrange a complimentary consultation with you to discuss your request. Only renowned brands will be used to contour the shape of your lips and enhance their appearance with added volume. You’ll be given the choice of a local anaesthetic injection or a topical cream to reduce any discomfort as the filler is injected into the body and margin of the lip area. And you’ll be able to choose the kind of lips you want!

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Dr. Q has done my lip fillers and wrinkle reduction. Lots of people tell me I’m looking really well but my look is natural so they don’t always guess I’ve had any work done and that’s exactly what I wanted. Dr. Q listens well and therefore provides the look you want. Nice relaxed atmosphere in the clinic. Treatments are painless (I use anaesthetic cream for lip fillers). The clinic is clean and bright. Love my little visits!

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